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You and your people 

You’re aware of the pressure that your people are under, and that it comes from a variety of sources, not just work. 
There’s not always an easy answer and you certainly might not have the dream resources to make life easier for everyone. 
It can be hard to prevent that pressure turning into stress for staff, managers and leaders alike. 
Your people are valuable, hard-working and committed, but the current challenges are tricky to navigate, even for the most resilient. 
This kind of stress can result in good people really pushing themselves to perform at their usual 100%. It's just not realistic and can lead to overwhelm and burnout. 
People start to blame themselves for not being as productive, ot for making mistakes. This creates tension, defensiveness, leading to problems with team relationships, mental and physical illness, burnout and resignations. And you know the costs to you, your people and the organisation are not just financial. 
The pressures might be inevitable. The stress is not. I help you find another way. Together we can create a sustainable wellbeing working culture and develop the tools for all your people to thrive, even in the most extreme crisis. 
you can build a positive atmosphere of wellbeing, showing your people that the organisation cares and wants them to thrive. 
Building wellbeing into your workplace culture doesn't just make for happier, healthier, more loyal employees, it has a positive impact on their effectiveness, customer service, the organisation’s reputation and, ultimately, your financial and operational success. 
In over 30 years of working to help people perform better, I have seen many good people burn out. There are behaviours that contribute to burnout that fall into four categories. I saw a clear recipe for disaster that appeared in every case of burnout. I applied all that I know about human behaviour and turned that recipe into one for wellness; The CARE Model. 
Knowledge of human development, social care, neuroscience and working with thousands of clients, has helped me turn that negative 'recipe for disaster' a positive alternative: The CARE Model of Wellbeing. 
The CARE model, and the practical techniques within it, give you a blueprint to reduce stress at every level; the organisation, leaders and managers and every member of staff. Coupled with the robust stress management guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, you can ensure you're doing the very best you can to keep your people safe and well. 
Embedding a CARE Programme equips everyone to be more motivated, resilient, energised and healthy. This builds into a team culture and, ultimately, an organisational culture of wellbeing. 
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