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...can be good for your health 
Seeing the fun in something ordinary, or seeing a challenging situation in a different way can change your levels of stress, resilience and motivation. 
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  What did you see?  What did you perceive and what was real?  Did you see the plant? Did you see the buttocks?  And the last time you had a tricky situation, did you see it from all angles?     You choose When I have sat in a hospital at the bedside of both my parents, I noticed the peacefulness and closeness of being there with my full attention. And when other members of the family were there too, it was precious. Even the most terrible situation has love and light in it somewhere.  Sometimes the good stuff is obvious, sometimes we have to choose to see it. You get to choose.  Whatever you're struggling with right now, can you find the light? Even if it's just that you're still 'in the game', giving it your all?    Why we see faces Annie saw this pizza at the weekend and although I managed to resist buying it, I couldn't resist taking a photo.  This is another example of something called face pareidolia...scientists believe we see faces (even when it isn't one) because we are set up as social beings. Faces are important, so we spot them everywhere.  But spotting the ones that make you smile, can really cheer up your day.  Just like this cynical car and this drunken octopus who seems ready for a fight!    This week I hope you find many ways to see a different angle this week. There's always a different way to look at things.  Dare I mention the football? My perspective is that we now have a men's national football team that is set for future success - both on the pitch, and off the pitch with important social and moral issues. I'm proud of them for the first time. No matter the outcome last night, they are a solid bunch of hard working chaps, setting a good standard of behaviour as humans.  Have a fabulous week,  Love, always,  Pam x 

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