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Pam at school 
It may come as no surprise that I was a bit of a handful at school. Being told to sit down and shut up was a regular thing! Around the age of 8 or so, one thing I remember clearly, was a day when the teacher was so frustrated with my behaviour, she told me to sit at the front, on a single desk. It was the weirdest experience, sitting on my own with no-one to talk to. It was like someone switching off the music in the middle of a disco. But even more weird was the fact that after a few minutes of really concentrating on what the teacher was saying, and doing the work, I really got into it and enjoyed that class more than ever before. Still today, if I'm in a learning situation or a live event, I want to be right at the front so I can soak it up completely and not be distracted. So, the question is - where's your place? 
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 Where's YOUR place?  Depending on what you need to do and how you feel, you'll have different places I'm sure. A place to concentrate and a place to let it all hang out! I've been all over the place this week - literally! Tuesday I did an afternoon of connecting some wonderful people who, though a great team, had not all met in person due to recruitment in lockdown. Below is a pic of me on stage, it was a great day and felt fantastic. Then off to Royal Wootton Bassett (where there's a children's nursery called 'Allsorts' lol!) to work with some school leaders who needed an energy boost (who doesn't right now?). In both situations, I took myself off to find a quiet place to gather my own energy and thoughts. I wanted to remind you that sometimes we have to find a place for ourselves to be able to think and breathe and let go. We need reminding because it may not happen if you don't do it on purpose - life will keep happening at you and people will find you and need you to do things.   Do you need to hide?  Maybe you need to go for a walk in the fresh air, maybe there are times when all you can do is hide in the loo for five minutes. Maybe you can set up a comfy chair in the corner of the shed, with an upturned box to put a cuppa on. Last Friday I actually went 'out out' to a fundraising comedy event. I had two friends performing and dozens of friends in the audience, it was a complete joy. After such a busy week with lots of driving, I was exhausted but used just a little more juice from my reserves to fill up the tank by finding a place to laugh, chat and have fun. I was so glad I did. Whatever you have going on right now, I hope you keep in mind that we all need to find our place - a place to focus on the one thing you need at that moment. So whether it's having some fun, getting a task done or switching off and restoring your batteries - where's your place? I hope you find it, use it and feel the benefit.  Chicken Nuggets Here a little window into the lives of our 6 rescue chickens, and their recovery that started in July 2021.  A special visitor! My friend is on holiday and so we have her chicken to stay for a week. She's much bigger and shinier than our little ginger ninjas and I've been trying to blend them to hang out together. However, chickens all definitely have their place which is why we have the phrase 'pecking order'. We've managed a few moments of chilling together, so we'll see how it goes. There's been time for sunbathing their feathers this week too, such a joy now they're allowed to free range again. One of my special places is my shed and now it seems popular with others too, which in fine except for the poop on my shed sofa. Clearly when you find your place, you might also have to protect it!  This week This week I hope you find your place AND make time to be in it.  Love, always, Pam x 

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