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Wellbeing for your team  

Choose a stand-alone event for a much-needed boost, or a full programme to develop a wellbeing culture throughout your organisation. 
Either way, by getting Pam to boost your team, you give everyone a chance to reconnect, recharge their batteries and build a positive, healthy culture. 


Whilst delegates enjoy these live sessions as a welcome change from work-related meetings, the techniques they learn and the benefits they feel afterwards will also impact positively on their focus, productivity, team communication and, of course, their physical and mental health. Whatever targets or KPIs you have, you’re more likely to achieve them with a team built on wellbeing. 

The Fit 

All sessions and programmes can be tailored to fit the priorities you see for your staff. They are interactive and adapted to the needs of delegates on the day, for instance if an unexpected issue arises, Pam will dip into her wide ranging toolkit and bring additional content to support delegates in the moment. 

Booster Workshop 

This session explains the science and psychology of stress and wellbeing. 
It’s interactive, with participants becoming aware of their own stress ‘red flags’ and some fast-acting stress reduction and energiser techniques to deal with them. Suitable for staff who don’t want to get their feet wet! 
Includes: Follow up resources including video, audio and written materials to keep the good stuff going 

Online Spa Retreat 

Participants are encouraged to have their feet in a bowl of warm water and bubble bath and learn foot or hand reflexology, head and shoulder self-massage and experience full relaxation on a Maldives beach. 
The hot tips ofce and psychology of stress from the Booster Workshop is also covered. 
Includes: Follow up resources including video, audio and written materials to keep the good stuff going 

What underpins Pam's work? The C.A.R.E. Wellbeing Model©  

After 30+ years of working with human behaviour in the public and private sector and observing so many hardworking people, I noticed four key behaviours that lead to burnout. I developed the CARE Wellbeing Model based on the opposite of those risky behaviours. These four positive habits and behaviours can also build or break your workplace culture, delivering techniques people can use for their wellbeing both in work and outside of work. You'll also see how managers can use the model to develop a 'CARE' management style to support people and encourage progress. 
The key outcomes of applying The CARE Model: 
Build resilience 
Maintain a positive mindset 
Reduce stress and raise confidence 
Empower and support yourself and colleagues 
Develop managers who engage, motivate and inspire 
Manage workload, pressure, priorities and digital overload 
Design habit and behaviour norms to create a healthier workplace 
Develop a culture of positive team communication and effective teamwork 

The Organisational Package 

The full CARE Model Wellbeing Programme is delivered at three levels necessary for your organisation to build a full wellbeing culture: 
1. Organisational strategy and procedures for stress management. 
2. Leader and management skills in supporting staff via the strategy. 
3. A toolkit of skills for stress reduction for each individual. 
The programme can also include the development of ‘Wellbeing Champions’ to support colleagues and ensure the CARE Model is embedded in the everyday work of the organisation. 

Additional Support 

Book one or a whole team of your managers to receive individual ‘masterclass coaching’ on dealing with difficult situations and skills in persuasive and inspirational management styles, tailored to each leader’s needs and team issues. 
Some staff may require one-to-one support on difficult personal or professional issues causing them stress or anxiety. Both the masterclass coaching and staff support sessions are live video or phone calls arranged on a monthly or annual arrangement to suit demand. 
"It was a real joy to listen to the insightful pointers Pam Burrows had in identifying and dealing with "burnout triggers" that we may encounter in stressful situations - especially those that engineers would be likely to find in industry. She gave some fantastic tips on dealing with the stressful things that we may come across during this uncertain period with COVID-19. She also made my first experience with Zoom a pleasant one" 
Mechanical Engineer, Sheffield University 
“I thought that I get in touch to say what a great idea it is to have the Wellbeing webinars. Good to hear this sort of thing at any time but needed so much more with everything that is going on for us all right now. The first session today with Pam today was fantastic and I, for one, will be doing those exercises and using the things explained all the time” 
Delegate CDK ltd 
"Pam, you truly are amazing. Everyone loved you and you definitely won the best presenter of the day from our staff. Thank you so much for all the great tips and advice which I know staff will be taking up, particularly with us working from home hunched over our laptops and probably not looking after ourselves as much as we should." 
Head of HR, Futures Group 
"Thank you so much for the fantastic webinar on Monday evening. It was totally brilliant, and just exactly what I'd imagined as the face-to-face session but delivered online to students across at least four countries and three continents!" 
Wellbeing workshop delegate 
"Huge success today, you generated so much energy & interaction from everyone, it was really great to see. Hopefully a good reminder for everyone to take care of themselves & not fall victim to your Red Flag list." 
Head of HR, Keyloop 
"Pam’s programme is helping us to manage a complex topic in a way that engages our employees. I would recommend Pam to any company looking to implement an effective wellbeing programme." 
Andrew Jones, Corporate Director, Tetra Pak 
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