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CARE Wellbeing Audit for your team 
Compassion towards yourself.  
Being kind in your mind. How do you speak to yourself? How do you react when you make a mistake, are late, drop something? What phrases can you use instead? How can you remind yourself and others of empowering words and phrases, make your affirmations visible? Do team members encourage each other if they hear them criticise themselves out loud? How can a culture of self-compassion be developed in your team? Think kindly, listen kindly and act kindly towards yourself. Think practical, behavioural, and cultural (whole team) solutions. 
Acknowledge things going well – especially the little things.  
WWW – What Went Well? Recognise and celebrate success. Also note things to be grateful for. How often do you do this? How can you structure it in to make sure it happens daily and becomes a habit? What small, perhaps mundane tasks can you begin to celebrate or at least acknowledge? Know your strengths, attributes and superpowers, can you acknowledge these more? What routine can you develop to note things you’re grateful for? (just before sleep has most impact). How can you develop a team habit for acknowledging little wins? How, when and where will this happen? 
Setting realistic expectations, based on the reality of your resources. Making sure you don’t burn out. Knowing what time, energy and resources you actually have, rather than your good intentions. How can you plan your diary so that each day has a realistic list of things to achieve? Do you plan gaps in your diary for all the follow-up and preparation time you need? Do you include time for your everyday work and tasks, not just the appointments that include others? How well do you recognise what cannot be done, what you can’t control, what you can delegate, what you need to say ‘no’ to, or ‘not yet’? Do you plan to meet your own needs within your schedule? How long is your to-do list? Can you highlight just one key task per day? What team habits can you encourage around time and tasks and what needs to be non-negotiable, eg finishing work time, taking a break. 
Maintaining physical health and emotional health by recharging and making time for the things that light you up. How do you ensure you eat well, drink enough water and move enough? Do you get outside in fresh air every day? How well do you notice and then meet your own basic needs? What are you doing that really brings you joy and activities that recharge your batteries? How can you make sure you get these things set in the diary first, your important ‘big rocks’ in life before all the sand (little things) takes over? How can your team develop habits in managing energy and finding joy? 
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